Friday, September 18, 2009

Shaun giving goodbye kisses


Here we are in a garden in NC while we were visiting with Cheyney

Olivia smiling at her Daddy

Her is our little chunk shoppping with mom and dad, Shaun found her this hat at H&M This is Olivia flirting with a "Grandpa" at church in Charleston. She loves to get attention from the Gentlemen!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Bailey Family Togetherness

This is how Kari, Olivia, and I are communicating for the next few months, I know it's not much new for Nathan and Ryan, but its nice we can at least have this bit of communication while we're apart.


If you want to see what I (Shaun) am up to while I'm all by my lonesome in Mass., I'm keeping a blog for just that. I'm probably going to always have a picture attached with my posts since that is prettymuch life for the next several months.
The page address is

Of course more Olivia!

This was on our trip to Massachusetts. We stayed with Nathan and Candice in Charleston and we were in the car on our way down and I thought Olivia was looking so cute chewing on her little toy.
Nathan and Candice took us to downtown Charleston which was way cool, but because we had limited space in my little Jetta, we didn't have our stroller with us. So Nathan being the outdoorsy type that he is, had this crazy carrier that worked wonders, Olivia loved it.