Sunday, January 31, 2010


dog bone trick

Olivia has Learned to crawl by carrying things in her mouth. We call it her dog bone, anything she can hold with her teeth, she will.

Blowing kisses

Learning to Blow Kisses. It first started as an Indian call but now it's KISSES


Words that Olivia says: Mama

Dada, Daddy, Papa
Dog, Doggie, Kiko (Ross's dog)
Yum Yums
Yeah, Yah
E.Y.E- as she pokes your eye
Olivia-a version of it
Thank you -a version of it
She is a wonderful girl that loves to tell me all kinds of things. She even shakes her finger at me and will look me in the eye while saying all kinds of interesting words. She is a talker, and according to my family that is just like me. I guess she only get more talkative from here and that is fine by me, someone to chat with!.......I'm not sure how Shaun will feel about two talkers.

Olivia LOVES music and singing. This is a sample of how excited she gets at church! Too bad the camera isn't allowed in church. She was standing on a chair "singing" with us in Relief Society last week. This girl is really something!

Pig Tails!

This is Olivia post piggy's!

These are Olivia's first piggy tails. She isn't quite sure about them, and keeps trying to feel them with her hands. She is so cute in them that I keep doing um, but unfortunately she is getting better at pulling them out too!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Some Freaking Cool News!

So there is an exhibition my school is involved in every year that showcases their student work and the work of about 20 of the prominent photography schools and schools with photography programs in New England. The PRC committee people only allowed our school to submit 5 photos this year. (I guess the larger the student base, the more photo's could be submitted)
Anyways, a lot of students from my school all submitted work for the exhibit and they announced the photos that would be representing our school.
It's a pretty big deal for exposure of the school and it's a super big show out in boston that will get a lot of coverage! So needless to say I am really excited that they decided to pick my photo to represent the school!
Here's the link to the exhibit site to get a view of what it is

Make your own Countdown Clocks

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Time Lapse Video

I found this videographer from Austin and is absolutely amazing! He does weddings and such, but his vimeo page has some other stuff like this video on it and i almost fell asleep watching it, but in a good way.
If you can view this full screen with the lights off, it is soooo relaxing. I love that everything is going so quickly yet the video is so relaxing

Time-Lapse Fun! from Joe Simon Films on Vimeo.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New pictures post next door

I put a couple more pictures on my photography blog is you care to take a gander : )
LEAVE COMMENTS!! Let me know what you might have done differently (seriously I would like to know)

Friday, January 8, 2010


(Shaun speaking) I was finally able to get some of my film stuff scanned in properly when I got back to school after being home over Christmas.  While I was trying to gather all the negatives I wanted to get scanned in, I came across 2 rolls that Kari and I shot last Christmas that had some cool stuff from the stockyards and downtown.  

  I really liked these two that kari shot and wanted to share them with everyone.  I maybe going to school, but I can't wait to come home and just walk around with my sweetie and take pictures with a japanese toy camera just for fun! 

Monday, January 4, 2010

We had such a great time at Christmas! I'll have to let Shaun put some pics of that on. I think he took some. When he comes home I don't worry about getting pictures. Olivia had a wonderful first Christmas! She got all kinds of toys from everyone! She is still exploring each one. Music is one of her favorite things and she loves anything with it. She is starting to dance by bouncing around and is still trying to walk. She stands on her own really well but no steps alone yet. She was 10 months old on Christmas eve! Shaun and I are both shocked how fast she is growing. She says Mama, Dada (only when he is here) and doggy. She also has started to say Kiko which is Andrew's girlfriend Ross's dog. She is a huge dog that loves Olivia. Since she is still crawling still she has taken to carrying around items in her mouth, right now she is crawling with two puzzle pieces sticking out of her mouth. She is a very smart baby. Olivia and I are both sad that Shaun had to leave on Sunday. The time together was a wonderful tease, but we are all looking forward to this summer when he is home for good! Getting back to our house and our family will be Heavenly!!! For now we just keep moving forward. Shaun is excited to get school going again, and is busy there. He has some pics up on his blog and on flicker under Shaunbailey

Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year!!!!

Olivia eating a lemon! We think that it is pretty funny and so did she for a minute! This was at dinner with Grandma and Grandpa Bailey.

Some pics of Livie! She is trying to steal a bite from her Daddy's Cookie, and playing in the mirror.