Monday, November 30, 2009

We have had a wonderful trip to see Shaun, our thanksgiving was a very special one. Despite the fact that we weren't with family we were lucky enough to have friends to share the holiday with. We spent it with Shaun's high school friend Kim and her new husband Chris. We had a very good dinner at Chris's cousin's Maria's house. We really enjoyed meeting all of Chris family and being welcomed so warmly. We actually spent the entire weekend with Kim and Chris. We stayed at their home in Portland Maine and drove up to Bangor to visit with Kim's parents and to see Shaun's old hometown. This was a lot of fun seeing all the places Shaun has told me all about. Saturday we drove home from Bangor which took about 5 hours and made Olivia grumpy! But we made it home to go to church in the morning and got to have dinner with the missionaries and two lady's in the ward. We had a wonderful time there and so enjoyed getting to know some people in this area. I am getting sad to leave him here but excited that he will be coming home for christmas so soon! Hope you all have happy holidays!

Grandpa Bailey loves to get Olivia laughing, here they are with Olivia bouncing and Grandpa tickling her back:)

This is another video of Shaun startling and laughing with Olivia. This quickly became a favorite game of theirs. Olivia is just become so much fun. She can't sit still at all! Church is already becoming a fight with her! Shaun has now experienced her wiggles at church, and she is only just turned nine months! She crawls so fast, and is trying to stand on her own. I'm sure walking isn't far away (I can only imagine what fun that will bring to church!)

our trip to Mass

Olivia and I flew up to Mass last week. We have had a wonderful time seeing Shaun. Though we have had our share of misadventures! First off we almost missed our flight, catching it in the nick of time, but unfortunally our bags didn't make the flight and we had to walk around Hartford Conn to pass the time until our bag could land. It was about 5 hours! It was so fun to see Shaun again that we didn't mind. We both thought Hartford looks like a nice place. Shaun had two days of school before his Thanksgiving break. O and I got to experience a laundry mat, which was fun until she got tired of wheeling around in the xl baskets they have. We did get to have lunch in a really neat old paper mill that they converted into a book store and cafe. that is where the pic is from. Also we had lunch at Shaun's school and all of the other students oggled over Olivia. She entertained quite nicely:) We set out one day for a picnic just to find it overcast and rainy, our picnic ended up in the car with O napping.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Olivia gets scared/startled and cracks up

We got home pretty late from our trip and Olivia slept for most of it, so needless to say she was pretty awake for a while after we got back. I (Shaun) was playing with her in her playpen when she should have been going to sleep and started out laughing at my little sounds, but then they evolved to a bit more scary and she would first have a startled look that would turn into hysterical laughter. We were both crying but she fell asleep pretty quick after all that activity! The lights were off and she was being lit by my laptop, so its a bit dark.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

This is the game we call So Big! She lifts her arms to up in the air like she is "so Big". This is the first time she was doing it all by herself. She also is starting to wave! She is really getting to big. She is 8months now and I can hardly believe it!


1st Halloween! She is a candy corn! We had a great time that day, she played with cousins (here is Taina holding her) and we went to visit the Grandparents and even went to a trunk-r-treat! She had a friend there that was a pirate

Crib Time

This is how Miss Thing wakes up! All smiles and squeals! She really is such a fun baby, who is really happy! This is from an afternoon nap, I can't get to her fast enough in the morning. Every day my Dad beats me to her, he gets her up, fed and has her playing next to him! They are so cute together!!

she's standing

Here is Olivia standing! She crawls like crazy and pulls up and stands next to anything!

More giggles

Here is another video of Olivia laughing! I can't get enough of her giggle! If you see her leaning to the side, it is because she is trying to see around the camera to see me! She is so funny!!