Saturday, August 16, 2008


I just put over a TON of pictures from our trip to Europe, so take a look at them and tell me what you think!

A girls gotta sparkle!

While out on a Saturday morning taking some senior pictures for our niece Melissa, Kari thought she'd take a break and finish up painting her nails. I think this picture is just adorable! So girly!

Dang Texas!

This was a few months ago when the big storms were coming through. There was a really big storm that was on its way to Ft Worth and everyone was freaking out. I just wanted to get my car out of the air for fear of hail!

So we were at home and Kari wanted us to go to the bathroom because it was most central in the house and eat our dinner. (mmm indian soup!!!)

Come to find out, the storm was enough north of us that we just heard some thunder and lightning. We felt a little silly when it was all done and nothing had happened, but what else is new, we're silly people. And whatever, we had fun takin pictures!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


I set up another blog so I could just put lots of pictures on there, so if you wanna see those, there's a link to the right!

Eatin some snails!! Part Two

Don't watch part two until you've seen part one! it will ruin it!

Eatin some snails! Part One

While in our first area in Sevilla Spain, we stopped in to one of the tapas bars to have some snails. I had had plenty while on my mission, but wanted to have some for old times sake. Kari, on the other hand wasn't too sure about it, and I absolutely love this video cause it shows kari sqirm a bit.

What the heck?!? This is some crazy tomfoolery!!

So, I figured Kari and I would jump on the bandwagon and start "blogging." It is still yet to be seen who will begin to obsess about this and take over, but I figured i'd get us started.
Just to give a little update about the past few months.....(are you ready?)
Kari and I took a trip to France and Spain back in May and had an absolute blast. You fools better be glad we came back! Cause we were really close to just staying.
Just look at that view, we don't exactly get that in good old Saginaw, TX. And that's fo sho! This picture was from Le Mont St. Michel in Normandy. I took this outside of the bed and breakfast we were staying at.
Anyways, we backpacked through Spain and France to get home with an even bigger surprise!
WERE PREGNANT!!!! Yup, were gonna have kid comin out speaking french! Kari is about 13 weeks along as of a few days ago, so our little peanut is a little bigger than the size of those big cinnamon gummy bear right now....(nice relation ehh?)
We're really excited to be starting our family and welcome our new addition around Feb. 16 or so. And that's all you get for now cause I'm tired and need to go to bed.