Sunday, August 1, 2010

Finally home again!

It's Official, we are finally back in our home with our family Together again!!!  I'm a bit late posting this, we've been home since beginning of July, but we are now finally settled and getting back to our everyday. I'm still working at the hospital and Shaun is working very hard to get his Photography going.  For anyone I haven't already given his info to he is at  Miss O is growing like a weed!  She loves having her Daddy home and shortly after he got here she has grown up and is now referring to him just as Dad.  They play constantly, and just tonight we were running around the house playing chase.  Daddy chasing Mom with O, O chasing Mom, everyone chasing O.  She hides from us now and enjoys when we can't see her, sometimes we can see her, but then she just closes her eyes.  She is really becoming funny.  She has mastered a dirty look which she narrows her eyes and looks up at you from under her lashes.  Good thing it only lasts for a few seconds then she will break it and smile at you!  We love her dearly and are so happy for each day with her.  I think I have already forgotten what we did without her.  Looking back now, it seems to have been a very fast 17months.
We are sending love to ya all!


cheyney webb said...

Thanks for the great update. I am missing ya'll.

Darin and Jena Bailey said...

Glad you are back together. Have you moved back into your house? Cant wait to see you!

JSL & A said...

Just wanted to say HI, it was great seeing you at chrisy's wedding. What a cute family you have! Lacey

Fancy Nancy ;-) said...
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Fancy Nancy ;-) said...


Expect a call from me early next week to talk about some photography biZness ;) I'm really loving the work your producing and am quite impressed with the various styles. Well done friend. I'll be in touch soon.

And HIIIIII KARI! :) Miss ya lots and lots. PS... you're family updates are some of my favorite reads :)